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Material on this web site may be viewed at http://lecture.eingang.org/ or http://www.eingang.org/Lecture/ . Links to individual pages or the entire lecture are permitted. Individual pages or images may not be copied or published on the web, in print, or in any other medium without written permission of the author Michelle A. Hoyle.

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To reference the entire presentation in a report, essay, or other publication, please use the following:

Hoyle, Michelle A. (1994-2002) The History of Computing Science (Computers: From the Past to the Present). Hypertext page. From: http://lecture.eingang.org/ Accessed: Date Here.

To reference a specific page in a report, essay, or other publication, please use the following.

Hoyle, Michelle A. (1994-2002) The History of Computing Science (Computers: From the Past to the Present): Page Title. Hypertext page. From: http://lecture.eingang.org/pagename.html. Accessed: Date Here.

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Translations of this Material

If you're interested in translating the text into another language, please contact the copyright holder Michelle A. Hoyle (thelectureATeingangNOSPAMorg)

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